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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  January 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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it was stolen as they were sleeping just a few feet away. >> you feel violated. >> bottom of the barrel to me. >> reporter: centennial hills early tuesday morning. darren and angel say these two men ripped them >> they didn't just steal property. they stole food off my payable. >> it's disappointing. >> reporter: the video shows a 1990 tahoe with custom rims. >> they stopped basically around the corner. >> reporter: seconds later they walk up to the home with bolt cutters. >> they came knowing exactly what they wanted to did get. >> reporter: they back it up, hitting the truck before vanishing into the night. the couple owns executive mobile car wash. down to one truck, the couple is losing money by the hour, now
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business afloat. >> disappointing. you try to work hard and do your business and somebody can take it away within two minutes.uipment swiped. although the business logo is worn off the stolen trailer it's etched into the side and easy to spot. darren and his wife angel hope you will see the trailer or recognize the crooks' car and call the cops. >> hopefully it doesn't happen to somebody else. >> reporter: okay. soept maybe you -- so maybe you recognize the crooks. it was a yukon, white, probably from the 1990s. call crimestoppers 702-385-5555. kelly thomas, news 3. >> kelly, thank you. police are looking for a man accused of violating a woman at a north las vegas gym. police in that say man exposed himself in front of a woman in a sauna and committed lewd acts
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shower and watched her. he's described as being either hispanic or african-american, about 45 years old. standing 6 feet tall. if you know who he is, call crimestoppers, 702-385-5555. new at 6:00, dozens of volunteers are desperately searching for a 20-year-old las vegas woman who has been missing for a week now. her family tells us she has the mental capacity of a child and they are worried she may be in severe medical disstris. nathan o'neal is out near the 215 and rainbow where the search efforts are focused. >> yeah, jim. if you were in the southwest au proy didn't notice the undercover search and rescue operation going. there's a reason behind that. these volunteers were in plain clothes going from business to business block to block trying to search for this young woman without scaring her. dozens of trained volunteers scouring the southwest valley today.
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>> reporter: searching for 20-year-old jessica lacy, a young woman with severe limitations. her father mark telling us she has the mental capacity of a 12-year-old. >> tikediagnosed with bipole polar, anxiety separation. >> reporter: it all started when jessica got into an argument with her parents about her own independence. that's when she took off. her parents used to use her cell phone's gps to keep tabs on her. she turned it off. >> she takes several mood stabilizers and if you stop abruptly, they would cause severe harm. >> reporter: today, the rescue team gathering intel -- >> we've been going in all. restaurants. >> reporter: to help in the investigation. >> today we're out undercover. we're not out in un-- you an uniforms. >> reporter: sorting through leads on the streets and social media.
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sightings of her and the male she's with. but they are days old. we're a little bit behind right now. >> reporter: jessica's fire worries about the worst of all outcomes, becoming a statistic of strategy. >> being a strong individual, you want to remain strong for your children and at some point in time, the stress tends to internally eat you from the inside out. >> reporter: if you recognize the young woman in the photos, you are encouraged to call police or metro's missing person's detail. we have all of the information on that and much more at our website as i'm nathan o'neal, news 3. >> thank you. the clark county school district is finally responding to questions regarding the delayed notification of parents after the arref a teacher accused of having sex with a student. jillian lafave was arrested on campus back on january 15th.
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this were not sent home until this week. some parents contacted news 3 wanting to know why it took so long to get that very important information. >> this is the situation where other students could have been hurt physically or emotionally and it should hadionas soon as any speculation was happening. >> the district refused to go on camera to discuss this. but they sent us a written statement that reads in part, informing all parents is always a priority but we must do so with maintaining the integrity of an active investigation and the privacy of the students immediately impacted. the district would not comment specifically about the case involving jillian lafave. the 20-year-old accused of pointing an unloaded gun at unsuspecting tourists on the strip last friday had to be restrained while i reold officers had to tase kahleal black more than once before he went inside the
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with interest commands. command -- with their commands. black's family contends he's mentally ill. sergio avila has more from court including an interview with the suspect's brother who wasn'ts him to get the people he needs. >> reporter: the 20-year-old had to be restrao the courtroom wednesday physically. his feet shackled. his face covered with a mask and rag to prevent spitting. during the entire hearing he was making a humming sound sound. >> i don't want him to look at him as a criminal. he's not a bad guy. >> reporter: kahleal allis t get him some help. >> i would like to see him go to a mental hospital to get as much as help as he needs. >> reporter: she's charged with pointing an unloaded gun on the strip and pointing it at people. if he's ill, is there her for him? >> there needs to be monitoring, doctors involved.
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what's called mental health court, a program for the men tamly ill. it helps reduce crime and keep them out of the prison center to be treated. he could not speak to us specifically about the case but he did tell us about how the program works. >> they are treated and they don't act out. >> reporter: this is typically offered to nonviolent offenders. black faces charges that makes it difficult for him to be approved for the system. >> no one is discall fid from -- from -- disqualified from it. there has to be an agreement from the district attorney. >> reporter: in court, his bail was set at $million. for the time being he will remain in custody. the prosecution and defense both agree black need tos to be evaluated to see if he's fit to stand trial.
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las vegas is back open nearly nine hours after a deadly crash. it happened in the overnight hours at rainbow boulevard and spring mountain. police believe the driver, 33-year-old victor javier sandoval was drunk when he ran through several lights before slamming into a car killing the woman inside. fatima rahmatullah joins us live from the newsroom. i know you've been talking with workers who found themselves front and center at that deadly scene. >> that gas station found themselves paralyzed in the -- in the fact by the threat of a possible explosion. >> i wanted to cry when i got here this morn such an awful tragic accident. >> reporter: debra turner is devastated after seeing this. >> to see cars turned over and so close to having a total
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>> reporter: a mangled metal mess is what's left of the car and leaving one woman dead. turner said the two dashes were inches way way-- dash said the two cars were just inches away. the clerk shut off the emergency pumps immediately after the collision. a city crew is seen cleaning up hazardous debris. >> you didn't know. that truck could have exploded. fumes from the gas. all of the vapors. somebody walks mast with a a -- past with a cigarette. >> , it could cause a fire. vas. he was driving a stolen yukon. officers found multiple stolen credit cards. >> i've never seen a fatal
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>> reporter: and victor javier sandoval was transported to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. as for the him, her identity has not been re-- as for the victim, her identity has not been released. one day after a deadly confrontation involving his son at an oregon standoff, cliven buddy is speaking out and his son is telling protesters to go home. arrestedming up we're live out in bunkerville with cliven bundy's reaction to the shooting. new clues and new video that police hope will help catch the person who shot and killed a bicyclist. clouds in the sky. we'll tell you what they are up to overnight tonight and into tomorrow and then i think you will like where the temperatures are heading. a wet, windy wild weather system is coming our way, too. we'll tell you what you can expect the forecast -- coming up. also ahead, donald trump's decision to pull out of tomorrow night's debate has political insiders split on whether it
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we'll have a full update this is the scene today in burns oregon where armed militia members were in a deadly confrontation with federal agents last night. many of them with ties here to southern nevada. tonight, through an attorney, their leader, ammon bundy is telling the members still occupying a federal wildlife ref fume there to go home. last night seven were arrested including ammon bundy and ryan bundy, the sons of cliven bundy. one of the protesters was killed. lavoy cn. tonight that outlaw rancher bundy who owes mor a
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federal government is speaking to news 3. our antonio castelan is live out in bunkerville and antonio, i imagine he's remaining defiant. >> reporter: the mood out here is of heartbreak. cliven butdy bundy was in arizona mourning the loss of lavoy finicum. he said the government took his life in cold blood. >> the rotten dirty buggers. >> reporter: he sounded is off on the death of his friend, lavoy finicum. a rancher died after bundy said federal agents shot and killed him. >> what kind of man does that? what kind of human bees do -- being does that? that's the kind of people we're tired of dealing with. we're not gonna deal with them. >> reporter: lavoy finicum up to oregon to be part of the wildlife refuge. ammon bundy headed up the take
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got caught up in a hail of bullets. cliven bundy recalls what his daughter-in-law told him about the arrest of his sons and six others. >> he said we've been arrested. and ryan has been shot in the arm. >> reporter: he says the occupation on the federal wildlife refuge in oregon -- >> i will tell you one thing, we're going to have to fight this battle over and over. i mean, we've got a life lost. that life is wasted. >> reporter: cliven bundy said he's not been able to speak to his sons ammon and ryan. he said it's been very frustrating. he said he's debating whether to go to oregon. antonio castelan, news 3. >> antonio, thank you. a bicyclist shot and killed. tonight police are releasing new video of the killer's vehicle.
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police are hoping one might reck nis this pickup. -- recognize this pickup. it happened near owens and nellis. the truck pulled up next to this man, someone fired several shots an pulled away. it's a newer model chevy or maybe a gmc sierra pickup. if you know anything about the crime, call crimestoppers at 702-385-5555. the animal foundation is stepping up its efforts to become a no-kill shelter by kicking off mission possible 2020. the goal is to save all healthy or treatable animals by the end of 2020. some plans include foster programming and increasing capacity. the foundation is also moving forward with community cats. that's a trapped sterilized and release program to save lives of federal feral felines.
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program last year, 743 additional cats have been saved. these are cats that have had 100% chance of being euthanized prior to the implementation of this program. >> if you would like to learn more, go to our website, we're locked in this el nino. we're hopeful that will impact an an in our drought. >> yes, kevin janison has been monitoring the snow detective snowpack. he has an update. it's good news. it's still early being late january. but the green area, this is colorado, utah, wyoming. a good chunk of northern and this is on the west side of the rockies where we needt. colorado, parts of uf utah and wyoming, about 100% of the snowpack but the blue area, southern utah, 125% of the snowback or greater and then we have this area along the
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a good start and there are hints that we've got a lot more precipitation coming our way over the next few weeks. not today. we had a nice day. 60 for the high. a degree above normal. cold start to your wednesday with the morning low temperature of 38. but with the cloud that we're seeing, we probably won't be nearly as cold tomorrow morning. and here come those clouds. first over red rock canyon after what was a spectacular blue sky red rock day. the clouds came through late and hit over the canyon, spring mountain and into the valley. there are more in store. overnight tonight, and maybe into the early-morning hours tomorrow before things begin to clear out. had much wind. their peak gust for the whole day own lynn 8 miles an hour. warm springs, 48. green valley and one more stop to spring valley near from min go and rain -- flamingo and rainbow, 51 degrees.
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low 50s up towards sam boyd said why yum. -- stadium. for your thursday, we'll get started in the 40s but a quick race with the sunshine to about 60 degrees. we're thinking low to mid-60s with a high. again, tomorrow, not much in thel e story tonight will be the clouds. this area of low pressure off the california coast is actually heading southeastward. but it's throwing enough clouds that we'll have clouds all night. by early morning tomorrow they should be out of here. nice warming trend going into the end of the week. but the jet stream will slowly south southward. as it does, it will bring a wet, windy system our way beginning on sunday. good chance of rain. 23 on the mountain.
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indieian springs for-- indy yun in -- indian springs. tomorrow, we should jump up to 64 while you might have clouds in the morning, it should be a mostly sunny afternoon. your seven-day forecast, we'll like these numbers. friday, i'm feeling a mental health day coming on. 67 for the high. wait. >> that was a good idea. >> contributing to the delinquency of -- >> of a nonminor. >> 68 on saturday. winds pick up late saturday and the chance for rain sunday. much cooler air, too. we'll go to the throw 50s with the wind on monday. my advice enjoy friday and saturday with your potential day off. >> there you go. >> personal decision. >> that's right. >> no judgment from either of us. >> we all control our own lives. a 99 99-year-old woman gets the scare of her lifetime.
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rare animal on her chest. we'll tell you what it is and explain how it happened.
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talk to their patie we have a breaking news update for you. a happy one. the missing woman we told you about has been found. jess saw lacy is safe after being missing for more than a week. dozens of volunteers have been looking for her scouring the valley. >> she's being checked out at a local hospital. her dad told us earlier in the broadcast she had the mental capacity of a 12-year-old. everne is happy she's been found safe and sound. we're getting a new look at drug lord el el chapo in the
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>> it shows him being booked back into. and a risky move from donald trump is turning heads after announcing he will be a no-show after tomorrow's debate. when we come back, we'll tell you how he plans to steal the switch to centurylink prism tv, and get the same great channels cable gives you,
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